Virtual Services Overview

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For more information on starting prices and details about our specific services, please complete the contact form below and we will be in touch soon!

Complimentary Discovery Call

  • Join Candice and Kristi for a 15-minute Complimentary Discovery Call

  • Complete the quick questionnaire below to schedule a call

  • We will call you via phone at the requested appointment time

    • Discuss your top 3 chief complaints

    • Answer any questions about our various programs and services

    • See if we are a good fit to work together

    • Explain the next steps to move forward


Supplement Reconciliation

  • Perfect for those who are unsure of what supplements to take and/or tired of buying supplements from multiple stores

  • During a "Supp Rec" we will aim to lean down your supplement list and simplify your daily regimen

  • Send us a list and/or photos of your current supplement regimen:

    • What do you take?

    • How do you take it?

    • What are you taking this for?

  • If you aren't taking any supplements, we can provide foundational recommendations and a convenient way to purchase

  • Access to pharmaceutical-grade supplements through FullScript

    • Ship directly to your doorstep

    • Auto-refill options


Deep Dive Case Review

  • Prior to 90-minute video consultation:

    • Answer extensive health questionnaire

    • Send previous healthcare information to the clinical team

  • Create a comprehensive timeline of your health history through an extensive, customized health questionnaire 

  • Review First-line Functional Therapy

  • Explain My Functional Process and how it applies to your unique story

  • Discuss customized Implementation Plan (i.e. mind, body, soul goals) that seeks to get to the root cause of your top 3 chief complaints

  • Receive access to professional-grade supplements and recommendations

  • We believe this is a wellness journey and therefore, patients will then be invited to participate in our 6-Month Women's Wellness Program


Rx Reconcile: 6-Month Women's Wellness Program

  •  We believe we offer one of the most customized and intentional programs on the market!

  • 1-1 weekly consultations to discuss your specific Implementation Plan from your Deep Dive Case Review​

    • Serve as your personal pharmacists, healthcare's medicatiton experts, who understand the value of both traditional and functional medicine therapies

    • First-line Functional Therapy (Mind-Body-Soul Holistic Approach)

    • My Functional Process 

    • Additional Subject Matter Experts will be invited to share about their particular niche 

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  • Collaborate with other healthcare practitioners to ensure high-quality care

    • Gain access to specialty functional labs and FullScript, an online dispensary of high-quality pharmaceutical-grade supplements

    • Uncover your individual health status through learning about your nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities, gut health, and toxic burden

    • Walk patients through customized and safe detoxification protocols

    • Recommend supplements and lifestyle interventions based upon your specific biochemistry

    • Seek to optimize your thyroid, adrenal, and hormone health through an upstream-downstream approach

    • Allow you to implement these new habits on a consistent basis through our weekly meetings 

    • Empower you to go into the world taking each moment by moment with your newly created perspectives and habits that will help sustain optimal health 

  • Invitation to participate in a VIP Membership at the close of your 6-Month journey!

VIP Membership

  • ​Serve as your personal pharmacists, who understand the value of both traditional and functional medicine therapies

    • Available to book follow-up 30-minute consultations after completion of RxReconcile at a discounted rate​

    • Continue to have access to FullScript, an online dispensary of high-quality pharmaceutical-grade supplements